dmr moto


This folder contains Programming files for the Motorola DMR radios

Release: Generated on 2016-05-31 with WIA data from 160529

The files were prepared using the MotoTrbo CPS 12.1 and the CPS utilities software with Data extracted from the WIA data set.


  • Configuration
    • Not Yet – most recent MD 380 file, YOU MUST change your radio id.
  • Build Files to create standard configuration


Still very early days here

Radio Buttons 
    Not set yet

This is a fairly automated build so once you get the file you should change a few things.
 * Your ID and similar fields in General Settings.
 You probably want to move some other channels into the VK2RCG zone (e.g. ROT,ROZ, RCG FM).
 The tools I am using:-
    - Motorola CPS
    - motocontact from kd8eyf

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