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My radio publications have grown to the extent that I must dispose of some items that I rarely use. I will add more material from time to time. These are located in Sydney and buyers can pick up or have posted. For additional information contact Simon Buxton, Tel (02) 9328-7141. Email: sbuxton at

See also my list of Radio Equipment for sale.

Publications for Sale

265. "Radio Data Charts" - 5th ed, by Beatty & Sowerby, Wireless World, hardback, 91pp, 1953. Series of abacs (nomograms) allowing calculations to be read off. Practical Wireless Data-Rule (card slide rule) from 1967 included. Good condition. $10.

271. "GE Specialties Catalogue" of US mains electric light switches, fittings etc - diary size (12 x 8cm), 206pp, June 1916. Fully illustrated with specs and prices and in excellent condition. $20.

273. "GE international pocket diary" 12 x 8cm for 1927, used, with owners notes, 36 pages of information including formulae, lists of broadcasting stations (Central and South America plus Europe) plus coloured atlas of world shipping routes; good condition. Inscribed on cover "Compliments of Australian General Electric Co" $10.

283. (Sold) "Marconi Instruments Catalogue" 1958, 300pp. Gives descriptions, specifications and good pictures of the Marconi 1958 range of test gear. Includes a loose copy of the export price list. Good source of info for those interested in vintage instruments. Approx A4 size hardback volume, exterior a bit worn but inside in good condition $25.

311. "Discovering Vintage Radio" - Peter Lanskshear, Electronics Australia softcover, 114pp, 1992. A good introduction to vintage radio - essentially 30+ articles form EA. Good copy, $20

318. "Radiotron Designer's Handbook" - F Langford Smith, 4th Ed, 6th Imp, 1963, 1498pp. Last and most comprehensive version of this popular book. Sound red cloth hardcopy, but spine rather faded and cracked. $30

323. ARRL Handbook 1978 copy of this wellknown handbook. Average condition. $12.

327. "Test Equipment for the Radio Amateur" - H L Gibson, RSGB hardcover, approx 180pp, 2nd ed 1978. Much of the description of use still valid, though designs will appeal more to collectors. As new, dj, $10

329. "Brimar Radio Valve & Teletube Manual No 6" 274pp, 1955. Technical information on UK valves of the period. Good condition, softcover but a bit dirty. $10

346. "Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Vol 2" - ed by R C Evenson & O R Beach, 1948 124pp. Covers conversion of US WWII surplus radio equipment for amateur use with original and modified schematics of a number of pieces of US WWII radio equipment including BC-454, BC-457, BC-946, LM Frequency meter and a number of other types. Paperback volume in average sound condition, $10

359. "Radio Valve Manual" - by Bernards (Publishers), softcover, approx 60pp. Undated, but appears to be about 1940. Comprehensive listing of all American types plus UK types by Maker with characteristics, bases etc. Rather worn, but complete usable copy, $10

371. (SOLD) "Communications Equipment of the German Army 1933-1945" - by C Barger, 1st ed 1989, softcover A4 size, 179pp. Covers radio and telephone equipment, copious drawings and photos. Also signed letter from the author. Good condition, some spine wear $40

379. "Miniwatt Technical Data" 6th Ed 158pp, 1958. Specifications of Philips valves, semi-conductors and picture CRTs to that date. Rather tatty used paperback but complete and useable. $10

381. "Miniwatt Technical Data" 7th Ed 192pp, 1962. Specifications of Philips valves, semi-conductors and picture CRTs to that date. Average used condition hardcover. $15

383. "Philips Pocket Book" - hundreds of pages, 1974. Specifications of Philips valves, semi-conductors, integrated circuits and components to that date. Complete, few loose pages, small hardcover. $10

384. (SOLD) "Miniwatt Electronics Handbook Ia" approx 200pp, 1965. Full characteristics of Philips current range of receiving valves and picture CRTs at that date. Sound condition, hardcover, loose-leaf pages. $15

391. "World Radio & TV handbook (WRTH)" 1990 & 1991. Reference books for SWLs covering worldwide radio and TV stations listed by country and frequency, Interesting reviews and ratings of SW receivers of the period. Sound condition. $5 each

402. "Oscilloscope Type TF 2203" original manual with circuits by Marconi Instruments, 1965. Notes on covers, otherwise good condition. $5

409. "Amateur Radio Operating Manual" by R J Eckersley, 204pp, 3rd ed 1985, RSGB. Useful introduction to operating with good DX data, though some info such as VHF is UK specific. As new, softcover. $8

418. "Electronic Voltmeter HP410C" - operating and service manual, approx 100pp. Good bound photocopy with A3 size circuits. $10

421. "Tectronics Scope type 310" - manual with circuits, layouts, operations, specs etc approx 25pp. Bound A4 sized photocopy. $5

423. "ICOM IC-R10 Communications Receiver" - original instruction manual for this handheld comms receiver. Good condition, $5

424. "Yaesu FRDX-400 Receiver" - instruction manual with circuit for this classic receiver, 22pp. Good bound photocopy, $5

466. "Wireless" - by P J Risdon, 384pp 1924. Thick cloth covered book describing applications of wireless at the period, interesting photos. Average copy, some foxing, $10

470. "Radiotron Designer's Handbook" - F Langford Smith, 2nd Ed, 1935, 58pp plus fold out valve data sheets. Early edition of this popular handbook, scarce, paperback. Cover dirty, ex library, $15

518. "Radiotron Valve Data" - Small loose leaf data book (18 x 12 cm) giving full characteristics of AWV receiving valves available in 1945 approx 170pp. Well used but sound copy, a bit grubby, $15

615. "Television Servicing Vols 2 & 3" - by G N Patchett, 1964, softcover A5 size, 120, 80pp. These cover the theory of each part of the circuit in depth, as well as that of CRTs and cameras. Sound condition, $5

617. "RCA Air-Cooled Transmitting Tubes" 190pp, 1938. Technical Manual TT3. Includes nice drawing of valves as well as heaps of technical information on available types. Used but sound cloth soft copy. $10

619. "RCA Receiving Tube Manual" 320pp, 1950. Technical Series RC-16. Specifications of RCA valves of the period. Used paperback but spine damaged but good otherwise. $10

630. "Practical Wireless Service Manual" - by F J Camm, 3rd ed 1941, hardcover A5 size, 296pp. Covers the techniques of valve radio servicing and the use of test gear - still useful. Sound condition, $10

635. "Super-Pro Radio Receiver" - Hammerlund SP210 LX, softcover, 33pp, undated but c1942. Original Instruction Book with photos, parts list and circuit. Clean and complete, $15

640. "Worldwide Aeronautical Communications Frequency Directory" - by Robert E Evans, softcover, approx 120pp, 1994. Frequencies for thousands of stations and flight areas and useful descriptions of ACARS etc. Good condition, $10

645. "Radio Theory Handbook for Amateur Operators" - Fred Swainston softcover, 2nd ed 359pp, 1991. An early edition of the this popular book, much still relevant today. Clean and complete, $10

650. "Course of Technical Instruction - Telegraphy" - PMG Department loose leaf binder, approx 100pp, undated approx 1940. A good introduction for those collecting early telegraph equipment with many illustrations and circuits. Sound copy, $20

665. "Audio Handbook No 2 - Feedback" - Useful booklet, pub 1952, 64pp covering the theory and practical aspects of feedback in audio circuits with many illustrations, charts and circuits. Good copy, $5

670. "AWA TV models 220, 221 - manual" - Softcover with fold out, abt 35pp, 1959, Specifications, Technical and Servicing information for these 21" Radiola TV receivers. Average copy, $5

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