Sydney Amateur Radio Ferry Contest 2017

March 12th, 2017

10:00am – 4:00pm local time

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Waverley Amateur Radio Society is proud to announce the second edition of this unique contest which aims to bring amateurs together on Sydney’s world-famous harbour and its historic ferry service.

Since its formation in 1919, our club has had a long association with central Sydney and the harbour. With its headquarters at Rose Bay, just a few metres from the harbour itself, WARS is well positioned to host this exciting event. Many of our diverse member base live and work around the harbour and regularly use the ferry service to travel for business and leisure.

The object is to make as many contacts as possible from the ferries or from any of the system’s 36 wharves.

Operation is restricted to VHF and UHF bands, any mode, simplex or through a repeater using hand-held transceivers.

The scoring system encourages operators to visit as many wharves and travel on as many ferries as possible in a six-hour period. See the Contest Rules page.

As points will be claimed per location/contact rather than by distance and with no advantage for high power or digital modes, all classes of licensees including Foundation, can compete equally.

There are a number of awards for achieving goals such as Worked All Ferries, as well as for the highest number of contacts made.

Home and mobile operators can also take part by contacting amateurs riding the ferries or by activating wharves.

With this second edition of the contest, it is hoped that the event will become a regular part of the amateur radio calendar.

For a maximum Sunday fare of $2.50 using the NSW Transport Opal card, you can enjoy a full day of fun and radio in our fabulous harbour city!

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You can view and contribute to the ferry contest conversation on our facebook page. (



For more information, contact:

Laurie Gordon 0412 108 660
Tony Monger
Rob Halliday

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