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Collectable Radio & Electronic Equipment

These pages give details and pictures of a number of collectable items either owned by or of interest to me, Simon VK2UA. They are mainly of a commercial or military nature rather than amateur or domestic. I have picked units for which there is little information available on the net because of rarity or lack of interest. I have also included details of an early computer that I once worked on.

Radio Restoration

For those interested in restoring old radios, you can view and download a copy of the 3rd edition of Chris Parry's excellent e-book; "The Restoration of Valved HF Communications Receivers", updated in February 2014, from this site.

Items for Sale

I need to prune my radio collection which is located in Sydney's Eastern suburbs as it is taking up too much space, particularly the bigger sets. There is a wide range of equipment including military, communications, domestic, portable plus a range of books. Some items are listed here but there are more available. The list was last updated on 22/10/14.

Details of Equipment (NOT necessarily for sale or still owned unless in above sale list)

  • 1953 Marconi Morse Key Type 1588.

  • 1958 Hollerith Computer type HEC-4 later ICT 1201.

  • 1959 British Army Larkspur H/F receiver type R210

  • 1960 Australian AWA communications receiver CR-6A/B

  • 1960 University Graham valve tester Models TVT, TST

  • 1965 Racal communications receiver type RA117E

  • 1965 US Army VHF surveillance receiver type R-744A

  • 1971 Drake communications receiver type DSR-1

  • 1972 Eddystone receiver type 1002/2

  • 1975 Park Air Electronics scanner type 16 WSS 1

  • 1973 HF Multicoupler type CU1382

Kurrajong Radio Museum

Visit the web site of Australia's premier Radio Museum for details of the museum as well as descriptions, circuits and pictures of 90 different sets from here and overseas. The museum is located near Sydney where it is open to visitors. It is run by a fellow Australian collector, Ian O'Toole.

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