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(You are welcome to attend the Foundation course if you need to learn the Practical part of the assessment)

Costs  are as follows:-

Course Fee $20
Theory Assessment Fee – Regulations $70    1,2
Theory Assessment Fee – Standard or Advanced 1,2 $70    1,2
Practical Assessment Fee $65
WIA Callsign Recommendation fee 3 $  5     3

ACMA-First Year Amateur Radio Licence Fee -invoiced direct by ACMA


Assessment fees are subject to change by the ACMA or WIA.

Assessment fee’s are reduced to $35.00 if under the age of 18. Select this option below if the person undertaking the assessment will be under 18 at the time of the assessment.

The WIA fee for Callsign Recommendation is $5.00 for the next available callsign or $20.00 for a particular Callsign.

Standard /Advanced  Assessment - Base Items
Standard /Advanced Assessment - Base Items
Price: $20.00
Plus: WIA Callsign Recommendation :
Theory Assessment - Regulations
Theory Assessment - Regulations
Price: $70.00
Theory Assessment Fee - Standard or Advanced
Theory Assessment Fee - Standard or Advanced
Price: $70.00
Theory Exam :
Practical Assessment
Practical Assessment
Price: $65.00


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