Lighthouse Day

Our club plans to activate Macquarie Light again this year for the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend on Saturday August 22.

We’ll be setting up portable in the surrounding grounds with plenty of room for social distancing!

Active bands will be most likely 40M and 20M in CW and SSB, running on battery power.

Even if you can’t come and join us on the clifftops at Vaucluse, there will be plenty of lighthouse stations on air to make an interesting day’s listening.

WARS has been activating Macquarie – the first lighthouse in Australia – since 2003.

Ferry Contest–One more sleep…..

The WARS annual Ferry Contest is on tomorrow. This has meant a period of preparation which has included charging batteries, checking radios, updating programming, printing log sheets, packing backpacks, arranging water and snacks and may other similar tasks. For those new to the event you can inspect some useful hints regarding travel and what to bring in our On the Day section on our website (

As of today (18:30) the following checks have been made:

  • There are no alerts on the public transport system for the Ferries. Service should be as usual.
  • The weather forecast predicts “18-24 degrees with a 40% chance of rain of 0-1 mm. Partly cloudy. Medium chance of showers, most likely in the morning and early afternoon. Winds southerly 20 to 30 km/h in the east, tending south to south westerly 15 to 25 km/h in the west”. It would be wise to pack a rain jacket as well as a means of battling excess ultra violet radiation.

Please check in to the WARS Club Station on the Paddington 2m repeater prior to the commencement of the contest for a chance to say hello and enter the draw for one of our fabulous prizes.

I look forward to seeing or hearing from you tomorrow.

Contest Manager

Ferry Contest Update

The Ferry Contest will soon be with us on Sunday 8th March 2020 for the fifth incarnation of this unique event.

For this year we have introduced a “wildcard” category of contacts where our “pop-up” station will be available throughout the day for contacts with famous seafarers that will score a bonus of 10 points per contact with a maximum of 6 contacts over the course of the competition. This is a great way to add to your score.

Further details will be available within the contest rules section prior to the contest start along with instructions of how to log the contact to claim the points.

We will be operating our check-in facility in the two hours prior to the contest with each contestant that checks in eligible in a draw for one of our fabulous kit prizes.

This is a fabulous way to “get out of the shack” and participate in amateur radio in a fun day on Sydney’s world renowned harbour.

Why not come along and join in? If not then consider turning on your radio and providing some contacts for those participating in the contest and submit a log for the landlubber certificate.

Watch our website and check the Sydney AR Ferry Contest Facebook page for further updates………

Ferry Contest 2020

Save the date! The date for the 5th edition of the Sydney Harbour Amateur Radio Ferry Contest is set for Sunday 8th March.

As usual the contest will operate between 10:00 and 16:00 local time. Further details will be published in the new year with the contest rules and procedures as well as other helpful information.

Why not plan this as an event for your club or Amateur Radio friends. You can either go hard for the awards or just cruise around for a day of fun on the harbour. We will have a club station operating at Rose Bay for contacts, eyeball contacts and general information.

More to follow…………

WARS Special Event: Wed 21st August 2019 7:30 pm

The Waverley Amateur Radio Society has great pleasure in hosting Kerrie Dougherty who will present:

The Dish was not the whole Story: Australia’s Role in the Apollo Lunar program

The Dish is a delightful Aussie film about Australia’s role in the Apollo 11 lunar landing. However, while it’s “based on a true story”, we have to remember that it is only a movie: its focus on the crucial role played by the Parkes Radio Telescope in bringing the live television broadcast of the Apollo 11 lunar landing to the world leaves untold the much larger role in the Apollo program played by space tracking facilities in Australia.

  • How did a lightning strike help to bring satellite communications to Australia?
  • How can an Australian experiment placed on the Moon during Apollo help with future lunar exploration?
  • How did the Parkes telescope contribute to NASA’s Deep Space Network?
  • How did Australia really bring the Apollo 11 landing to the world?

Join space historian Kerrie Dougherty as she delves into the larger story behind The Dish to find out the answers.

Kerrie Dougherty is an independent space historian, curator and educator, who was previously Curator of Space Technology at the Powerhouse Museum. She is the author of Australia in Space, a comprehensive history of Australian space activities, a lecturer in space humanities for the International Space University and an elected Member of the International Academy of Astronautics. Kerrie works part-time for the Australian Space Agency and has written several science fiction guidebooks as well as numerous articles on Australia’s space history.

Please join us at Club Rose Bay, Vickery Ave Rose Bay for this prestigious event. RSVP to in order to assist us with organisation of the venue.

Parking is available at the adjacent council carpark.


The Society’s Annual General Meeting was held on the evening of 19th June. Being the 100th anniversary year the meeting was followed by a celebratory dinner held at Club Rose Bay.

Just prior to the dinner there was an opportunity to capture a photograph of members in a style similar to the early members photograph of almost 100 years ago.

19th June 2019

The Ferry Contest is Almost Here!

The 4th edition of the Ferry Contest will soon be here. For those intending to participate please refer to the pages on our website which outline the rules and conduct of the event (Ferry Contest 2019).

Now is the time to dust off the handhelds, charge the batteries, read the rules, plan an approach and study the map. Alternatively you can just turn up on the day for a bit of fun playing radio and travelling our beautiful harbour. The Opal card has a $2.70 cap on Sundays with a slightly lesser charge for seniors.

Sydney Ferries have not published any alerts so the system should be fully operational. The latest information can be obtained from

The weather forecast is currently predicting a temperature from 19-28 C, partly cloudy and with light winds. The chance of rain is 0%. Follow the forecasts at the bureau of meteorology. Being a reformed optimist I shall pack sunscreen, a hat and a rain jacket to cover all options. It can be quite warm on the day. A water bottle is recommended.

For those arriving before the official commencement of the contest at 10:00 am there is the opportunity to check in to the club station which will be operating on our Paddington Repeater (147.025 +600 91.5 Hz) to enter the draw for a fabulous prize. The club station will also make regular broadcasts throughout the day and be available for contacts on the advertised simplex channels.

In addition, to celebrate our centenary, the special event station with callsign VI2BV100 will be operating randomly throughout the day. A contact will add 20 points and earn a special event QSL card. Achieving 5 contacts, each from a different location, will add a “centenary” of points to your final score.

I will be present at Circular Quay between 8:30 and 10:00 and will be watching out for individuals with visible antennas as well as listening on the Paddington repeater. This is a good chance to say hello, ask any last minute questions and gather an additional eyeball contact at the start of the contest.

Rob Halliday – VK2XRH

Morse code interest group

If you are interested in finding out more about Morse code, Waverley club has regular get-togethers on the first Sunday of each month.
The group welcomes everyone keen to find out more about morse or CW, whether you’re a beginner or want to brush up or re-learn morse code.
CW enthusiasts of all skill levels meet to swap ideas and experiences and learn about operating and contesting.

Morse paddle
Morse paddle

Maybe you’d like to ask if hand key or a paddle is best for you… or you’re looking for advice on CW operating procedures… or maybe you’re just interested in the history of morse code and would like to learn more.
Our group meets 11am on the first Sunday of every month at the Rose Bay club rooms and everyone is invited, even if you aren’t yet licensed.
Contact us at or just drop in when we meet on a Sunday morning.

Kent key
Kent key


Ferry Contest 2018

Once again the Ferry Contest is almost up on us. It is due next Sunday 11th March 2018 (10:00 – 16:00 )!  Please consider participating even for a short period since it is definitely the more the merrier. Whilst some contesters are working very hard for the maximum points there are others who simply enjoy a good day out. Even if you are not able to ride the ferries perhaps you might act as a contact station for those who do. For those who are contemplating their preparation here are some ideas:


Dust off the radio(s) and check their operation
Charge batteries and spare batteries
Program the suggested frequencies (check our website)
Print log sheets
Study the ferry map and timetable (Note the extra line this year)
Read the contest rules

What to Bring

Handheld 2m/70cm Radio (+ backup radio if you have one)
Extension microphone, headset or earpiece
Extra battery
Log sheets (Print ours from our website)
Ferry Map
Ferry Timetables (Make sure you get the Sunday one)
Opal Card ($2.60 all day!)

Rain jacket (for the strange March weather)
Hat (helpful for both sun and rain)
Sun glasses
Water bottle – can fill on some ferries and wharves
Snacks and/or loose change for coffee
Camera for those unique Ferry Contest Moments

Maps and Timetables

Detailed maps and timetables are available from the Transport NSW website ( It is important to refer to the Sunday timetables as there is significant variation in the timing of operation from weekdays on most of the routes.

Opal Card

The Opal card will provide the most cost-effective fare structure because of the $2.60 cap. Details of the Opal card can be found at the Opal card website (

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