Ferry Contest Awards 2019

Congratulations to all of the winners in the 2019 Ferry Contest and thank you to all who participated on the day.
The following contestants received awards.

Harbour Master Highest ScoreVK2AZGRex ORegan
Gold Seafarer Most Unique ContactsVK2RFRaffy Shammay
Landlubber Highest Home Station ScoreVK2GPLSam Wiilson
Billy Blue Award For submitting a logVK2AZGRex ORegan
VK2DEKDerek Harcourt
VK2EFLFred Lodden
VK2GLJGary Sewell
VK2GPLSam Wiilson
VK2GZLaurie Gordon
VK2JDHDavid Hardy
VK2MTMGordon Gam
VK2PRPeter Richardson
VK2RFRaffy Shammay
VK2XIIRichard Balacco
VK2XSMCarl Moser

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