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100 Years in 2019

Affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia

(“On The Air Sign” courtesy of Rob VK2CV)

The Waverley Amateur Radio Society was formed in 1919 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and is the oldest, continuously licensed, amateur radio club in Australia. It is a very active club and caters for the hobbies of amateur radio and electronics with a variety of activities.

NOTICE: The Waverley Amateur Radio Society is actively monitoring the evolving nature of the Coronavirus pandemic and will respond to advice from government and NSW Health as to best practice regarding the conduct of meetings and club activities.  Subject to evolving NSW Government regulations, we will recommence physical meetings with a limited number of participants. We  will also implement social distancing rules and provide hand washing and disinfection facilities. Members will receive further information via email. 

We are also holding meetings via Video Conference, and some   face to face  ones (when permitted) with limited participant physical meetings. Members will get an email link for video meetings.

Those who have travelled within the last 14 days or who have symptoms of flu-like illness should seek medical advice. The NSW Health website provides details as to an appropriate course of action :-https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/diseases/Pages/coronavirus.aspx.”

NEWS: Echolink/Allstar & VKMultiNet Node is now  operational. (IRLP is down)

Check out usage instructions and status page: http://vk2rot.vk2bv.org 


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The Club held a successful Radio Contest event for the Trans-Tasman Contest on16/17 July, 2022. We came second in our category!  
Ferry Contest Awards 2022

The Dish was not the Whole Story:

WARS Comes 1st in Australia in the 2019 & 2018  CQ WW DX SSB Contest!


WARS wins  2018 John Moyle Field Day  Category  (again!)

Past Event-Remembrance Day Contest 11&12th August 2018
International Lighthouse & Lightship  Weekend  17-18 August 2019.

WARS has been activating the Macquarie Light for the past 15 years during this annual event.

Macquarie Lighthouse  Location

Team VK2BV won the AU Multi-Multi section of CQ WW-DX-SSB in 2017! Congratulations!!!!

Team VK2BV  operated in the 2018 John Moyle Field Day and won it’s category AGAIN!

VK2BV – Multi Operator All Mode, All Bands, with 116 contacts and a score of 432 points. 

A special guest speaker, Ross Clements, gave a fascinating talk at the April 2018  regular  Club Meeting about ” Cracking Germany’s Enigma  Code in World War II”, and demonstrated his home built working replica.

Membership Renewals for 2022.

This is just a reminder that Membership renewals for 2022 were due 1st January. If you haven’t renewed yet,  please do so via Paypal, direct bank transfer, cheque by post, or cash at a meeting. Annual Subs are $30 , or $20 Concessions.

Bank deposits for subscriptions and other payments can be made to Waverley Amateur Radio Society, Westpac BSB 732-051 Account Number: 71-6694. Please include details on the transfer (eg VK2ZZ subscription) and email (treasurer at vk2bv dot org) with details of your payment. Alternatively, payments can be made to paypal@vk2bv.org via Paypal, with details in the comments field.

Postal address: PO Box 634, Rose Bay NSW 2029 

CQ WW SSB 27th TO  30th October, 2018: Members of WARS were operating from the Southern Highlands.

Team VK2BV/Portable has won its category again at the John Moyle Field Day 2018!

Check out some of the action here John Moyle Photos and read up on the contest and scores at the WIA web site page John Moyle Contest

We also received two IARU Worked All Continents Awards

IARU Worked All Continents Award – Open

Recent Posts

  • 2022 Trans Tasman contest - A crew of contesters competed in the 2022 Trans Tasman contest from the Robertson contest site. This contest was held on Saturday the 16th of July 2022.We used the WARS club’s contest callsign VK2W.We competed for the full 6 hours of the contest duration, from the start time at 1800 local time on Saturday evening, … Continue reading 2022 Trans Tasman contest
  • 2022 CQ WPX RTTY - A crew of contesters competed in the 2022 CQ WPX RTTY contest from the Robertson contest site. This contest was held over the weekend of the 12th and 13th of February.We used the WARS club’s contest callsign VK2W.We competed from the contest start time of 1100 local time on Saturday morning to around 0130 on … Continue reading 2022 CQ WPX RTTY
  • 2022 ARRL RTTY Roundup - On Sunday the 9th of January, VK2IBE, VK2ALR and myself, VK2WS, competed in this year’s ARRL RTTY Roundup from the Robertson contesting site.We used the Waverley club’s VK2W contesting callsign.We spent Saturday fixing up two dipoles (well, one didn’t really require fixing at all, we just needed to select the correct (mislabelled) feedline and getting … Continue reading 2022 ARRL RTTY Roundup
  • Ferry Contest 2022 - This year’s Sydney Amateur Radio Ferry Contest is scheduled for Sunday March 6th – pending Covid regulations. It will be a Covid-safe event with special rules to allow for social distancing. See our Ferry Contest page for details.
  • Covid Requirements - Once we have the opportunity to meet face to face again which is scheduled for 20 October. Please be aware that it is the Rose Bay RSL policy as well as WARS policy that we are double vaccinated. The Service NSW and Medicare mobile apps have now both been updated to allow the COVID certificate … Continue reading Covid Requirements
  • Unified S Band Communication - Continuing on our space theme which started with the QSO from St Scholastica to the ISS. We delved a little more deeply into some of the underlying communications technology that supported the Apollo mission. And, indeed the whole of the space program from the very early days. These videos below are relatively recent and describe … Continue reading Unified S Band Communication
  • WARS wins category in John moyle field day 2021 - We were a little under gunned for 2021 (or so we thought) with a significantly smaller group and without our usual “high ground” on top of the hill. We set up next to the shearing shed with three antennas on 120-degree radius about a centre point adjacent to shed. Our old genset on the opposite … Continue reading WARS wins category in John moyle field day 2021
  • Audio Recording of ISS contact – 26 april 2021 - On 26 April, via technology managed by ARISS we participated in a contact with the ISS. It was a long signal chain that started with a telebridge using a mobile phone and PTT microphone that linked to VK4KHZ (Shane) as a local moderator and ON4ISS (Jan) at the reception ground-station and then RF link to … Continue reading Audio Recording of ISS contact – 26 april 2021
  • NANO VNA Beginners guide - Check out this NanoVNA beginners guide : https://vk2bv.org/nanovna-guide/
  • VK2BV on the ISS - On 26 April, via technology managed by ARISS we participated in a contact with the ISS. It was a long signal chain that starts with a telebridge using a mobile phone link and PTT microphone that links to VK4KHZ (Shane) as a local moderator and ON4ISS (Jan) and then via RF to the ISS on … Continue reading VK2BV on the ISS

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Australia's oldest continuously licenced amateur radio club


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