Ferry Contest – NSW Police, Sydney Ferries and General Conduct

Let’s be honest… having a group of amateur radio enthusiasts running around Sydney Ferries festooned with antennas and other equipment for the day could spook a few people. That said we have had no issues over the previous  years.

To minimise impact on the general public and transport services, please take note and follow these important points:

1. NSW Police

NSW Police have been informed of the event and have been given a brief of activities taking place on the day. In the event of an issue arising, please temporarily cease activities and ask the officer(s) concerned to check the validity of our contest with local command.

2. Sydney Ferries and Transport for NSW

Details of the contest have been made available to Sydney Ferries staff throughout the network. However, in the event of an issue arising, please temporarily cease activities and ask the staff member(s) concerned to check the validity of our contest with Sydney Ferries Control Centre.

Contestants who need to escalate issues to the contest organisers, please call on the Paddington 2m or 70cm repeater. If you are unable to use your radio, use the telephone contacts listed below or have the staff member contact the contest organisers directly.

3. General Conduct

Your conduct on the day is on view to the general public – both local Sydneysiders and visitors to our great city.

This is our fifth Sydney Amateur Radio Ferry Contest and our ability to run the event in future years will be determined by our conduct.

Please be courteous to your fellow travellers and contestants. If a member of the public shows interest in what you are doing, use it as an opportunity to promote our hobby and educate them on the contest. They could be a future ham.

If an adverse situation with the public escalates, please cease activities and seek out an alternative course of action.

Finally, it is essential that contestants follow all directions from emergency services, security and the master of any ferry on which you are traveling.

We hate to say it but…. Contest organisers will disqualify any contestant who acts inappropriately or brings the contest into disrepute.

Contact Details

Escalation of any issues which arise during the contest can be made as follows:

  • On the Paddington 2m repeater.
  • In person at the Rose Bay Wharf contest control station.
  • By telephone to contest organisers:

Laurie Gordon, VK2GZ, 0412 108 660

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