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  1. VK2VE

    Building instructions updates 19/7/2015.


  2. VK2VE

    Latest version of instructions just uploaded which include a couple of suggestions from people who have constructed the kit and also a note on voltage ratings.


  3. vk2rf
  4. flywire

    I was searching for a 12V powerboard for 4WD camping and found the WARS Powerpole Kit. Well done!!! This has much wider application than just Amateur Radio.

    A couple of comments.
    1) The power input needs a separate fuse or probably better as a circuit breaker.
    2) I’d like to see a 50A Anderson plug on power input.
    3) I’d also like to see it turned on it’s side so the leads come out the side with a clear cover but the leds should still face the top.


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