Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge 18 July 2015

The Trans-Tasman Low Band Challenge is on Saturday 18 July  0800 – 1400 UTC  (1800-0000 local).  Bands are 160m, 80m and 40m, and modes are SSB CW and Digital (RTTY and PSK ).  Multi-operator/Multi-transmitter entries are permitted.  This intense but short duration contest, is an ideal contest for a club entry and an excellent introduction to contesting.

The first 80m Trans-Tasman Contest was organised by the Waverley Amateur Radio Society in 1922.

8 thoughts on “Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge 18 July 2015”

  1. at this point in time, i’d be happy to do it but you should have someone else on reserve as my workload for teaching could change

  2. I’ll be up for this. I think it is a great contest to operate at the club, We only need to get a dedicated 160m and maybe a 40m antenna going and run a mulit-op/multi-tx entry. It’s a good contest for beginners and anyone who couldn’t get away for JM Field Day can have a go.

  3. There is an 80m loop at the club which I untangled and re-rolled yesterday. It needs to be put up on masts around the fence and terminated with a dipole centre. A bit of work if anyone would like to do it We also have (had) a 160m loop which I couldn’t find but there is a roll there that can be measured and cut. Even more masts needed! The 80m OCF dipole is already in situ of course.

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