Happy 97th Birthday to the Waverley Amateur Radio Society!

Today the Waverley Amateur Radio Society celebrates its 97th birthday!
On the evening of 27th January 1919, a little over two months after the end of the Great War, the Waverley Amateur Radio Club was formed at a meeting held at ‘Altmont’ 13 Macpherson St, Waverley, the home of Frank Geddes Snr in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.
Amongst those in attendance were some of the first Australian amateur experimenters, first licensed in 1911; Frank Leverrier KC (XEN, 2BK, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney & first President of the Wireless Institute of NSW), Malcolm Perry (XCP) and Ray Allsop (XCA & founder of the Raycophone radio company). The founding members of the club also included Frank Geddes Snr, Frank Geddes Jnr, Les Holdgrove, Eddie Bowman, F. Swinbourne, R.D. Charlesworth, Alan Burrowes, C. Doyle, Gordon Thompson (2GT, VK2AVT & Hon Life Member until becoming a silent key at the age of 96 in 2001).
The Waverley Amateur Radio Club was formally incorporated in 1920, and issued its first club license, N249 in the same year. The club was based at ‘Almont’ 13 Macpherson St, Waverley until the 1950s. The club was once affiliated with the ARRL and has been affiliated with the WIA since 1926. Apart from the period of World War II, the Waverley Amateur Radio Society has been continuously licensed since 1920, with the following callsigns: N249 (1920-1922), 2BV (1922-1925), A2BV (1925-1927), OA2BV (1927-1929) and VK2BV (1929-1939 & 1946-present).

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