Guest speaker, 18 May monthly meeting. Mark Fahey – Behind the Curtain – Gathering propaganda broadcasts inside North Korea

The special guest speaker for the Wednesday monthly meeting on 18 May is Mark Fahey.  Mark Fahey is a well known expert on North Korean broadcast media, who will be speaking  about his six visits to North Korea, where he not only documented and photographed propaganda as a part of every day life, but using clandestine recording devices, monitored and recorded North Korean radio and tv broadcast media signals.

Mark has documented this project as an interactive media e-book, Behind the Curtain.

More about the project:…/life-inside-strangest-nation-on-ear…/…

Mark is well known in SWL circles for breaking the puzzle of the Chinese Firedrake SW broadcast jammer.

This is a not to be missed presentation about clandestine toilet breaks, the missing 5th floor of a Pyongyang hotel, MacGyvered radio intercept devices and sending SMS messages from the northern side of the Demilitarised Zone at Panmunjom.