Trans-Tasman Low Band Contest, 16 July 2016

Following the success of the club’s Harry Angel 80m Sprint effort earlier this month with 10 operators participating, we are now ready to take on a more complex contest in the Trans-Tasman Low Band Contest. This contest has special significance for the club, as it organised the first Trans-Tasman contest in 1922.
The Trans-Tasman will be held on Saturday 16th July, 0800-1400 UTC (1800-2400 local). Bands are 160, 80 and 40m. Modes are SSB, CW and Digital (PSK & RTTY only). VK and ZL stations only to count.
The intention is to operate a multi-operator, multi–mode, multi-transmitter station from the club. More detailed information has been sent to financial members on the club email list.