Ferry Contest Update

The Ferry Contest will soon be with us on Sunday 8th March 2020 for the fifth incarnation of this unique event.

For this year we have introduced a “wildcard” category of contacts where our “pop-up” station will be available throughout the day for contacts with famous seafarers that will score a bonus of 10 points per contact with a maximum of 6 contacts over the course of the competition. This is a great way to add to your score.

Further details will be available within the contest rules section prior to the contest start along with instructions of how to log the contact to claim the points.

We will be operating our check-in facility in the two hours prior to the contest with each contestant that checks in eligible in a draw for one of our fabulous kit prizes.

This is a fabulous way to “get out of the shack” and participate in amateur radio in a fun day on Sydney’s world renowned harbour.

Why not come along and join in? If not then consider turning on your radio and providing some contacts for those participating in the contest and submit a log for the landlubber certificate.

Watch our website and check the Sydney AR Ferry Contest Facebook page for further updates………