New – 2 Letter Callsign – VK2YV

The club has been successful in gaining an additional 2 letter callsign. – VK2YV

It may be familiar to you.  It was Rob Bellamy’s (SK) call sign for a number of years. We were able to secure the callsign after a recommendation from the AMC when the call became available.

This additional call sign will enable us to operate from 2 locations as “the club” which will be useful for expeditions and away trips as well as competition. For example, it would be great to use for it the now annual trip to Tooraweenah as a commemoration of Rob. As well as maybe an additional anchor station for the ferry contest. Maybe at Circular Quay or even Manly.

We could also consider it for use during competition where the club might operate from say Robertson as well as another place.

To an extent we can make this up as we go along. Personally, I am incredibly pleased that we have been able to secure another 2 letter callsign, but more so because it was the callsign of our benefactor. 

Rob was one of a kind, a rare soul in these days of immediate gratitude and self-interest, he was a gentleman, a member of the bar, (ask any barrister, who will tell you it is an honourable pursuit, excepting for the following; the person on the bench, my learned colleague, and the defendant, unless of course you are appearing for the poor hard done by defendant)

We never saw Bellamy at the Bar it would add another dimension. Members of the bench say he was pretty-good; Had we need of a barrister we would hope for one with the integrity and skill of Robert Bellamy.

He was a commissioned officer in the RAAF, we can forgive him being a member of the junior service but apparently the Airforce uniform is prettier, and you get more girls! Also, the toys are better in the Airforce.

There is a pattern, he liked things involving costumes!

Rob lived life on the edge, the criteria, went something like this…

  • Will it be fun?
  • Will I learn something?
  • How close to the edge?
  • Do I get to play with clever stuff?
  • Does it have me understand the physical world more?