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New DMR Repeater on line

There is a new WICEN sponsored 70cm DMR repeater on air connected to the global DMARC system.  The current QTH is Dural (but not ARNSW). Callsign is VK2RRW

To program your radio:

RX 438.1000  / TX 433.100

Color Code 1

The same Talk Groups (TG) and Time Slot (TS) allocations as VK2RCG with the exception that  TG5 is now on TS1


SGARS 80 Metre Contest on Saturday 30th July

The St George Amateur Radio Society annual 80 metre contest will be held this Saturday evening, 30th July 2016 from 6 PM to Midnight local time. This is a friendly contest for all licence holders, using phone (voice) CW or digital, in six blocks of one hour each.

Power levels and emission modes as per your individual licence class. Points allocated on distance basis. Additional points available for contacts by and with foundation licence holders. Seven different awards available for those who submit a contest log.

No multi or assisted operators permitted. Contestants can operate from home, portable or mobile. Logs can be either electronic ADIF or paper. While this contest is not in the list, VK CL can be used in the personal log mode.

For more information and the complete contest rules visit our web site

Memorial Event “Fornovo’s Sack Battle”

April 18th – 28th, 2016 – IQ4FE – Special commemorative QSL

From April 18th to 28th, 3016, A.R.I. Fidenza will be On the Air on HF bands with the callsign
IQ4FE, to commemorate the World War II event “Fornovo’ s sack battle” occurred near Parma –
Italy end April 1945 with the contribution of the brazilian forces supporting the allied troups :
“Força Expedicionária Brasileira” (FEB).

Special commemorative QSL via bureau to IQ4FE, for further information see :  and  IQ4FE at .

Best regards and 73’s de

Cristiano Cornini , IW4CLV
A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club


How Do You Prove You are Licensed

Now that ACMA have changed their licensing procedure, how do you prove you are licensed?

ACMA no longer send out a printed copy of your licence, only an invoice for the licence fee.

Follow these steps to get a printed copy of your licence,

  • Log on to
  • In the search register box type in your callsign in the blank box next to the go button and press go
  • The next window will show your details if you are currently licensed
  • Click on your licence number in blue on the left hand side
  • On the next screen a copy of your licence will be displayed
  • At the bottom of that page there is an adobe PDF symbol
  •  clicking on the PDF symbol will allow you to download and the print a copy of your licence.

ACMA have advised that the printed copy downloaded in this manner is a Legal Instrument showing the status of your licence just as if they had sent you a printed copy of your licence.

(With thanks to the VK1 Newsletter)