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Up Coming Events

WARS Monthly Meeting Topics@Rose Bay RSL 19:30

20 Sept 2023: Fred VK2WS- QRP Challenges
18 October 2023: Antenna – Show and Tell: Balcony, Mobile, Portable, and Fox Hunt Antennas
15 November 2023: Fox Hunting (presentation by Skip VK2ALR)
20 December 2023: XMAS Party (organized by AL VK2OK)

WARS Workshops-1st Sat of the Month@ Rose Bay RSL 13:00

2023 Contest Participations @ Robertson

CQ WW RTTY Sep 23/24

Oceania SSB Oct 7/8

Oceania CW Oct 14/15

CW WW SSB Oct 28/29

Free SMD Workshop 3Dec22

The Waverley A.R.S. is planning a workshop/project day for Saturday 3
Dec22. from 13:30
 at Rose Bay RSL.
To RSVP Click Here

The topic will be “Surface Mount Techniques for Hobbyists” and
participants will discuss and demonstrate methods for radio amateurs to
use these components and techniques.  The sessions will be almost
entirely “hands-on” and involve constructing small devices to learn and
explore the methods.

Sessions will include:
1.  Component Shapes and Sizes.  Board styles. (Lecture)
2.  Placement Problems and Temperature Profiles.  (Lecture)
3.  Practise Hand Solder small “demo boards”.  (Lab – do it yourself)
4.  Place components and Reflow solder a small functioning device.  (Lab
– do it yourself)

As considerable time and expense will be involved in preparing this
workshop it will only proceed if there is sufficient expressed
interest.  Click on the RSVP link to put your name on the attendee
list.  If you have personal experience or expertise in this topic please
indicate your availability to contribute.  If you have no idea what this
is all about this is a great opportunity to come along for a few hours
and find out.
If any interest is apparent further workshops can be along the lines of:
A)  PCB design, layout software, and Fabrication of boards for surface
and hybrid mounting
B)  Debugging, Troubleshooting, and Modifying surface-mounted boards

ACMA has problems with payments for Ham licences

The ACMA has issued the following:

We are currently experiencing problems with our systems that are affecting the issue and renewal of radiocommunications apparatus licences. The Register of Radiocommunications Licences (RRL) has not been accurately showing some licences as current after a renewal or new licence payment. This is occurring when an invoice was issued last financial year but paid this financial year

See the full announcement HERE: