WIA News – 10 January 2016

Wireless Institute of Australia Merit Awards
The WIA Board at its discretion makes awards to members for their contribution to Amateur Radio. These are announced at WIA’s Annual Conference, to be held in May on Norfolk Island.    

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IARU Region 3 Newsletter issued
A tribute to retired International Amateur Radio Region 3 Director Peter Lake ZL2AZ who has served since 2005 and held other positions earlier has been paid by its Chairman, Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN.   
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GlobalSET 2015 a great success – lessons to be learnt
The Simulated Emergency Test to measure the disaster readiness of Amateur Radio involved 38 countries and four others who recognised its importance but could not take part this time.    
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EME or Moon Bounce began 70 years ago
The United States Army was the first to bounce a radio signal off the Moon, and the site is now part of the Information Age Science History Museum and Learning Centre.   
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WIA supports move on NBN interference complaints
A technical solution to fix spurious emissions that sometimes come from the National Broadband Network or NBN fixed wireless network has been found.   

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