WARS wins category in John moyle field day 2021

We were a little under gunned for 2021 (or so we thought) with a significantly smaller group and without our usual “high ground” on top of the hill. We set up next to the shearing shed with three antennas on 120-degree radius about a centre point adjacent to shed.

Our old genset on the opposite side of the shed so as to satisfy the portable infrastructure requirements and away we went, for our chosen 6 hour block. We operated phone, CW and digital with a small dedicated group of operators – Raffy, Skip, Tony, Jason and John.

It is worth the trip to operate in quiet conditions with significant elevation, as well as taking the win for the category. JMFD tests our capacity to operate in portable conditions as a part of community resilience in times of disaster.  

A link to the results and logs submitted is here: https://www.wia.org.au/members/contests/johnmoyle/