Audio Recording of ISS contact – 26 april 2021

On 26 April, via technology managed by ARISS we participated in a contact with the ISS. It was a long signal chain that started with a telebridge using a mobile phone and PTT microphone that linked to VK4KHZ (Shane) as a local moderator and ON4ISS (Jan) at the reception ground-station and then RF link to the ISS on 145.8 MHZ.

Our part was providing and environment and a local moderator VK2KZ Anthony Monger. The QSO was hosted from ST SCHOLASTICA’S COLLEGE, Glebe.

This is the transcript tape from NASA (with permission.)

The first part of the recording is the preliminaries and introduction including line checks to all stations, the confirmation of automatic tracking and documentary recording, this is followed by the CQ call and acquisition of signal. Then follows in short order the questions by the girls.